Paradox of the Ravens: Philosopher's Camper Mug - white

Paradox of the Ravens: Philosopher's Camper Mug

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The raven paradox notes that, at least formally, if seeing a black raven is evidence for the claim "all ravens are black", then so is any observation of anything that is neither black nor a raven. This is meant to highlight a problem in philosophy of science.

Since this coffee mug is a non-black non-raven, we say it can be added to your growing list of things that support the claim "all ravens are black".

A great gift for a philosopher of science, or professors and students in philosophy.

Classic camping-style retro cup with enamel coating can be used outdoors or indoors. Philosophers like to go outside too! The mug has rolled rims made of stainless steel for added comfort and timeless style. Small irregularities round up this mug’s vintage look.