About Logical Style

Logical Style is a brand of geeky apparel, accessories and home décor.

Who did this?

Logical Style is a creation of Colin Temple, a human person in Ottawa, Canada. Colin is fond of inquiry, reason, and writing about himself in the third person. He studied philosophy, with a focus on logic and philosophy of science, earning an Honours BA from the University of Ottawa, and an MA from the University of Western Ontario. Colin also has an industry career in data engineering and analysis for digital businesses. He is also an avid photographer, making street and wildlife images around his home town. As a father of two, he's also developed a taste for dad jokes.

Logical Style emerged at the intersection of these sorts of interests: visual designs featuring jokes about philosophy, logic, math and science sold through an ecommerce shop.

Where do the products come from?

The designs on our products were all created by Colin in Canada.

Products are printed on demand, meaning that this business does not keep much active inventory. Instead, new orders are fulfilled by freshly printing these designs on products within a day or so of the order coming in. This printing is done by third parties, usually based on the region in which the order is placed, with most fulfillment happening in Canada, the United States and Europe. Products are then shipped directly to customers form there. This involves providing suppliers with addresses to which the products must be shipped. More information about this can be found in Logical Style's privacy policy.

Logical Style maintains standards for sourcing products, choosing suppliers that handle fulfillment, and conducting business fairly. You can read more about these policies.