Product Policies

This site is a relatively small operation, but one that is dedicated to a standard of ethical conduct, good business and quality of service. Logical Style's polices for how we create our products and sell them are listed below:

Sourcing Products

Logical Style sells original designs on physical products. We do the design work, but the printing and delivery of the products are done by third parties. To ensure quality, fair practice and sustainability, we have these policies:

  • Fulfillment by responsible third parties only: Where fulfillment of orders is passed on to any third party, we seek to partner with vendors who operate in environmentally sustainable ways and use materials responsibly.

  • Non-exploitative material sourcing: We research the brands of clothing used for apparel, such as T-shirts. We choose clothing from brands that have a demonstrable history of respecting human rights and the environment in their manufacturing and supply chain. We don't want our designs printed on any materials that are sourced in ways that exploit humans, non-human animals, or local or global environments in order to increase profit margins. To us, this means ensuring that manufacturing is not exploiting lax labor laws, that no items contain animal products, and that organic materials are produced in environmentally-sustainable ways.

It can be difficult to determine the operational practices of third parties, especially those that are physically distant, and so while we do our best to keep an eye on them, if you find any issue with anything sold here that conflicts with the above-stated policies, please contact us. We will investigate claims and remove any products that no longer meet these standards.


  • Size-invariant prices: When it comes to pricing apparel, suppliers charge more for larger pieces of clothing. That comes down to the simple fact that more fabric is used in a larger garment, but it creates an injustice for people who wear larger clothes, since unless brands correct their pricing to accommodate this, they have to pay more to dress themselves. In setting my our apparel pricing, we use a flat price for all sizes of the same garment. We derive this price using a desirable profit margin for median sizes, and accept a lower margin of return for larger clothing.

Those are our current policies. Feedback from our customers is always welcome, so please contact us if you think we can do better.