About Product Images

To offer a wide selection of product options, we use some digitally-generated "mockup" images to present our products. Most of our products are printed in response to customer orders, and while we regularly order samples of our products to test them, we're a small operation, so we don't have the ability to produce photos of every size and color for every product we have.

So, while we believe every image on this site accurately shows off our products, you should know which images represent a photograph of a final product, and which are digitally-generated.

Representative images of real products

The digitally-generated images we use on this site are real photographs of the physical products we're selling. They are provided to us by our suppliers and by the labels that make the original garments and material products. What's different about these images is the presentation of our designs: the design is digitally grafted onto the product to produce a representative image of the final product.

All of the images we present in this way are obtained from the software we use to create our products in the first place.

Which images are generated digitally, and which are photographs?

Generally, across our site, you can spot our digitally-generated images by the fact that they show the product in isolation, usually against a blank background. In most cases, the products in these images are not worn by a model. In a few cases, such as with leggings, model-worn images are the only ones we can generate, but we also clearly indicate this on those product pages.

On the other hand, the photographs that we made ourselves often show people or real places, and don't have backgrounds removed. These show our products in use, in context. We will continually grow the number of these images as we can, but we don't want added marketing expenses to hold us up from offering them in the first place.

Not sure? Please ask!

Whether you are just curious or trying to make a decision about a purchase, if you have any questions about how our products are represented, please contact Logical Style and ask away. We'd be happy to address any questions or concerns you have about the way we promote our products.